9-11 nine years later

Before I get to regular explanations for the neglect of this section of our website I’d like to take some time  to remember that nine years ago today we as a nation were attacked.  This isn’t a political blog, and I have no interest in re-hashing American foreign policy pre-and post 9/11.  The attack happened.  Anyone with a TV or an internet connection saw what happened.  It just ‘is’ .  Not was, IS.  As a day it will live, like Pearl Harbor, in infamy forever.  More so now, in the digital age, when every horrible, heart wrenching moment can be revisited at will.

In honor of those who lost their lives and those who stand ready to protect us I’m going to do something I haven’t done before  – I’m going to add a link to an outside article.  This is  written by Captain Alexander Marshal and is a first-hand account of the recent rescue mission undertaken against Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden  – The Magellan Star.  The highlight of the article (for me at least) was when a Sgt. in the assaulting force  showed the US Flag patch from his shooter’s kit to the Captain of the Magellan Star.  Read it and see if it isn’t your favorite part as well.

It is fitting to read and share that article and reflect on today of all days; and a fitting reminder that serious men and women with American Flag patches on their shoulders stand watch so that we can enjoy our lives free of fear.

Below is an image of a flag that hangs on the back wall in the production section of our studio.  Some of you who have visited in person might have seen it and wondered why we keep such a battered and tattered version of Old Glory around.  That flag was put out on display nine years ago today, right after the first tower fell.  After a year (give or take) of ’round the clock display we decided it was too battered and faded to keep out.  But at the same time it was unthinkable to me to destroy it.  Thanks to the events of 9-11 that Flag that we displayed, along with millions of others, stood for something more than just the obvious grade school patriotic themes.  It is part of the solidarity that we as citizens displayed for days, months and now years later after that tragic day.  It will hang from the wood rack on the back wall of our studio for as long as we have Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines in harms way overseas continuing the fight that was started on the morning of the 11th of September, 2001.

9-11 Flag

Our 9-11 Flag

I’ll be back later on to explain why another month went by without us updating the blog section.

Thanks for reading.


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